Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Part 4 the final

So after all the fun of going to events it came to the last day of them,

Before that I was meeting a amazing Dom for a pup play hypno session . So after having a nervous cigarette as usual with me meeting anyone for a meet , came in we started talking just to calm me down then we started the hypno. All I can say was it was brilliant , I did not wear much gear except mitts , knee pads and my posture collar , finally fully connected to my pup side , now many people think I am experienced at this , but due to having to keep my none pup side open to translate when given commands in Czech .So it was amazing so I now have a trigger phrase to go back to that after which has been given to my Dom today , so after quick clear up from my session headed back to the hotel as got ready to go rubber party . Once geared up didn't bother to up clothes over my gear as it was not far from the hotel , we stopped did some street pics , got Into the event , bumped into someone from a Nye party a couple of years ago which was great and he got me in a headlock lol . Next noticed the Manchester pack
Again so said hello and then noticed a few pups I did want to meet so said hello to :- Tyler , Cosmo , Fuga and Gizmo all really nice pups :3 . suddenly just joined with them inside couple of us started dancing and met another person been skyping/ messaging on recon named someonelse2011 :) , so after a while the pack decided it was time for the deconstruction party, so said good buys but left with the Manchester guys and the couple from full fetish :), went upto my room dropped off a hood stuck my tail in and left with the tskin main pack and us extended family :- Link, Odin and our new favourite Canadian pup super pup :0) , so arrived as I went through got sopped by a guy with a video cam asking for a few words so waved paw and have him some woofs lol , still wondering where the video is goin to show up , so got Ito the party but sadly after now a hour tail had
To come out, said few more hellos and goodbye's as people left party as I was flying home the following day, so after a while about 2:30 time to head back .
Ok so my final thoughts , I would just love to say a big thank you to the Tskin pack for looking after me was amazing and a honour to be part of it.
Second everyone that said hello and I had a chat with thank you all for the nice words you don't know how welcome you all made
Me feel so welcome and that's awesome , it pulled at my heart strings a bit made me miss being back home as the community across uk that I met seem awesome . Will really miss being in Uk and made me have a think about
Moving back, also apart from the nexus party all events I went to were awesome .

Think I will have to come back more often now 

Cheers for reading 


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