Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weekend at Bernie's.... Wait I mean Master's xD

So time for the second post then,

Ok so after Fridays festivities I was woken up to the Slovak guy with me on sofa bed , Elik on the mattress on the floor , I got up had a wash , the GF sub was still in my suit and continued to wear it till about 2 in the afternoon , so me and Master and Elik decided the other sub needed wrapping against a wooden post and he needed to try and escape by himself, so was wrapped from ankles to neck then forehead had some wrap ;). Next on the agenda was Elik so we got some sleeping mat's got him naked and lying on the table but we left him so dignity , boxing boots xD .We then  proceeded to hog tie him and leave him like that for a hour, during this time the other sub finally broke free . Due to this the vac rac came out ;) , after putting it together and putting the frame in we then put Slovak sub in It , he enjoyed his time while Elik watched from the table hogtied .I decided it was breakfast for me so cooked myself a bacon sandwich and had a black coffee and relaxed watching this situation . After about 40 mins we swapped the subs in the vac rac and I put the other sub into pup mode again :3 ,me and the pup played and well we had fun , Elik was loving the vac rac from the noise I heard him make from it ;D. Then it was time for me to go in the vac rac for a hour which was awesome , came out to find both subs had just both got out of rubber and Elik was helps g Master with some landscaping and DIY while me and the other sub both went for bike rides , he took too long so I set of around the country side in Lycra ;) , after doing the proper hilly/muddy terrain I came back after 40 minutes but felt good , so I grabbed a shower and chilled out till the other sub came back. Basically that's the end as after we went for beer had some wine and came back and I got a morning downstairs kiss from Elik ;) . So that's it for my weekend in about a hour and a half, I have to leave Masters and wait a couple of hours for my bus , but can get some food finally , well a actual meal lol

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