Saturday, 6 July 2013

Weekend at Master Ota's before fetish week

Hi all,

So my first blog post. So this weekend I finally got to Masters Just before fetish week ^^, he told me to other subs (Elik his beta &and Slovak guy from gearfetish) were coming.Obviously I had to bring basically all the toys I had ;3 , so finished work got the bus and was picked up. Arrived to find Gf sub here got him in my catsuit ... Just :-/ , locked him mitts and pup hood . He wanted to play so I did and then he wanted me after about a hour to give me a facial ;) , so was given and cleaned up lol . After about two more hours of pup play Elik turned up , got him in Lycra , red harness , mitts and boxing boots put the other pup hood on him .We decided both needed to be in straight jackets for a while so that was next . After domming both for a bit was 1am so bed time . Sorry if my first post is rubbish but another to follow tomorrow about today's activities ;) 

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