Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fetish week part 3 - Saturday

So part 3 continue's this pups story lol,

So after a amazing Friday night  woke up and got ready as was invited to the tie em up camp :), so we left londonshire to venture into mordor... I mean the countryside . After stop for food we got their, met everyone their and they are again awesome people to meet . So food eaten,convos had , was suddenly beckoned to be put in Arm and foo irons then tickled :0p , was a great day out but had to end as we needed to head back to get ready for full fetish . So once all dressed up again headed to full fetish and wow great venue , lots of area to dance and play rooms ;) , so was this time leashed into the pack , we walked around met a nice couple rubber lad mike and his partner puppy d, really nice I met them as well. Next stop was the bondage play room where I was first kept in the cage for about 30-40 mins then hogtied on op by Boss for about the same and was great , saw the Manchester contingent again while tie tried to say hello but bit hard when tied lol, also while caged finally met someone I was started speaking too 10 years ago so time flys. Was untied due to left leg going a bit numb , managed to say hello to a certain pup from recon that is in his full purple suit , we talked just after Folsom last year and was great to meet him and his partner as well, bumped into another person at last who had a session with a awesome Dom I was heading to the following day. So after a while we moved as people started to play while very drunk which from my point of view is not a good idea , so we decided
Home time which was good and went on bus again donned my pup hood to travel home .

More to come on my final part 
But here is me on bus home from full fetish 

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