Thursday, 3 July 2014

Woof from Czech Republic

Hi all ,

Seems I have neglected this blog post . I decided to start up again and well lots to catch up on . So where to begin i wonder  ?

March - May 2014
So best place would say month after my last post , but not to far and covering upto end of May. So I shall being during march pretty much nothing kink related happened . April now this was a interesting month had a session with a nice Australian guy who was over , had him tied to chair , in straight jacket ,
My wet hot hood minus snout, sniffing my old trainers he was enjoying it a lot . Great session but more fun that month with a photo shoot for the fetishak website . So we all met at midday , went off to a 1930's disused outdoor swimming pool complex which had a restaurant on the big hilltop , Orignally it was used by the noteriaty between the two world wars. So we all got geared up , photos done had a laugh in the sun , then went to next area for photos. We arrived headed over to strahov stadium and did pics their near the chimney monument and buildings near it. After quick lunch / dinner went to my final shooting pace the train bridge by vytoń tram stop close to vyšherad . Sun out and setting doing pics while trains passed us in the bridge fantastic. So after that came May , and with the the fetishU party at factory . Now I know the fetishU brand are party's done in lower Germany close to us or below Berlin , like :- Munich , Dresden , cologne as examples . This was the second in Prague , it's mainly under 40's which helps some younger guys who might be scared about going to events mingle with people closer to their age. I met couple of friends from Brno I had not seen in a long time . I also met a really young 18 year old Czech who had just came out as gay and kinky so was impressed he was
Accepted and to have a great family for accepting it , we all had fun photos taken and such and we all left the party around 4am. Unlike the rest I went to the normal gay club around the corner in gear but jeans over my legs , waved
To my friends who stood their jaws dropped lol , partied with them till 7am then home . That pretty much sums up most of spring for you , next posts will be a bit more detailed this one was more the gist of what happened.

Woof :3 Odin

Sunday, 16 February 2014

February play time 7th of feb till 9th & weekend

So time for another blog post update ,

So last weekend I had @ralf78 from twitter / recon over from uk . We had previously met back at fetish week London at the fetishbound event , but didn't get to play that time. So Friday he arrived we did some tourist stuff as you do and got ready for the night as it was his bday celebrations at a shots party at saints bar local no fetish expat gay bar I might be a regular at ;D . So following day after recovering got me tied with my purple rope and puffy hood with white noise for a bit . Was decided to be teased a lot then swapped into a nice canvas straight jacket and amazing muzzle from RoB it is a awesome one , edged for a good time. We then went out for dinner , after that back home and sleep sack with estim plug , estim 2b and neoprene cocksuckers hood . the neoprene sleep sack  was comfy and we got the estim plug going which was horn but I was edged for a good hour I think and finally allowed to cum , was going to sleep in it but feet to uncomfortable , so we decided sleep . Next day which I will call taking my limits shocking past what I knew I could do. We first got ralf in my straight jacket and I teased and played with him in it ;) . Soon went boring and geeky and went to board game club . After back to mine to try something very horny to me.

Sleep sack , estim plug , massager , blacked out s10 and porn playing through headphones and poppers in s10 filter,we found out poppers make me go on two programs to 100% and 60 on a third in the end edged and came , was a mind blowing exp.

So Monday came and had to say my goodbye to him . He is a great guy if you ever get a chance to play / sub for him :) 

Then came basically a week of boredom till yesterday , it was the local fetish group 3rd anniversary party , first my Sir who I see here came to mine and showed me new things he had got like me yellow braces for my skin gear ;), mew leather hood and sleep sack (pics at the bottom) and some leather chastity shorts ( worn as I am writing this ) , I showed him off my new gear, next a friend pragueboy86 from recon and we headed
To a friends quickly for quick drink and then back to mine to get ready. We then headed off to the party which was great seeing people I knew and also hearing that now the Czech Republic will have this years it's first Mr Leather Czech Republic contest :D,
So hoping soon after they will do a mr rubber as I would love to try and enter . After a while we went to the new local cruise bondage club called factory , I heard up in my new suit and all my other purple bits and pup hood and got my friend in Lycra and pup hood we played for a while but Sir got tired so left for sleep and I was out in the hood and sack to sleep . Again great seeing him as not seen him since Folsom last year

So that's it till maybe end of the month when more kinky fun shall commence ;D


Thursday, 23 January 2014

My 30th bday wknd part 3

So now comes the final bit ,

So Monday came and we were supposed to have someone over for a play session but cancelled which was a shame so we got place ready for @ralf78 coming over Tuesday , just chilled rest of the day, Tuesday comes along and we go pick ralf up from Romford train station , after a bit of a chat we got down to play time , me and the bf got in biker leathers mitts to match , then told to open a gift with mitts only . What we didn't know was 6 layers and a 7th of duct tape :O . After ages we I got put into a leather puffy hood and canvas straight jacket and teased lots , the bf did try a neoprene hooded gas mask and liked it. Next after a bit we were both in neoprene sleep sacks with me trying electro plug which was interesting and teased . Soon we toyed with squirt but time ran out and had to get ralf back to the station . 
Wednesday came along and @omegapuplink came to stay till Saturday , link became mine and my bf's omega pup back in September and shortly after we added another pup Whiskey (recon) as another omega and we created our own pack. So link arrived Wednesday and we got back and started making chocolate cheese cake and later went for dinner.

So after Wednesday ,Thursday was another play day we got link into his surf suit , master u leather hood and my straight jacket. Then we tied him down to a bed with white noise playing . He was teased over 2 hours , while this happened I got to try squirts grey str full suit and str mitts , was fun and awesome trying (pic added of me in it) 
After a while we let link have a happy ending :p next was alphas turn same happens to him as link, teased him for a hour as well hehe. During that suddenly after I was tied down and teased as well :p

So Friday we decided bit of chilling before we had smse and super to come over but I found the Lycra box :D , so I got a few things to try , then super and smse came over , chatted , played and pics on smse's bike before they had to leave , next the pack geared up fully and we got a few together with our
Little pack husky toys and had chip shop for dinner. 

Saturday :-
Basically my last day and link left that day , sad when he left but had to keep the bf happy as he was down , so we just relaxed and went to bed early. Sunday came and soon left to train station . Me and squirt cried a bit as me goin back to Prague . He hugged ages at the station then I left .

Final thoughts :- 

So would like to say thanks to everyone that I saw during Fb and a few special mentions :- 

Pup Gromit and suds :- great meeting you both and hopefully not the last :)

Ralf78 :- great friend and great Dom to me and squirt very understanding and careful ;-) 

Tskin pack :- great seeing you all again and hopefully seeing you guys again soon

My pack :-

Whiskey thanks for joining us pup , it's great to have you in the pack 

Link great seeing you again and teasing you constantly arooo >:3 

And finally to Alpha and my boyfriend Squirt :- I love you so much thanks being my bf and alpha you are the best xxxx

My 30th bday week part 2 - England

So part 2

Before I start this part with regards to previous one if you have read it and are new to fetish and kink please double check with friends to see if they know the person and if they are ok and also tell someone close as in distance you are going .

Ok part 2

So on Friday the 10th of Jan I flew back to the uk for my 30th birthday . After getting from heathrow to London I got to the fetishbound venue and met the fetishbound guys , great seeing them all again and also a good friend @ralf78 , great seeing him again . Shortly the guys had to go set up the venue. While having a pint some of the tskin pack arrived (superpup and boss - tskin) . Also with them was my amazing bf and alpha pupSquirty  pup :D I finally got my paws around him and hugged for ages . After quick intros and smse14 turning up we went into the Fb event ? Through the night after gearing up and looking after my alpha as was his first time, said hello to familiar faves i knew and to new ones from twitter I got locked in a cage ;). Next squirt played with smse for a bit and I put super in my straight jacket and bit his neck to tease him ;)

After a while me and squirt just relaxed cuddles and socialised then suddenly a very good twitter friend @pupgromit and his bf @suds_uk turned up
Was great finally meeting with him after talking on twitter for near 3 years lol.

Soon after night was coming to a close and smse offered us a lift home which was kind as squirt was exhausted :3.

Saturday :- my bday 
Tbh Saturday was a very quiet day for us just spending time in each other's company which was awesome

Sunday :- shopping time :D
So early rise Sunday as had to meet family and then shop . Did family stuff then off shopping we went to regulation , we had a look at a few things and I managed to get some stuff :- poppers, purple handkerchief , rebreather hood and ordered a size l hooded s10 . The last bit has been on my list since I started. Next we went home prepared for the week ahead ;)

More to come in part 3


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My 30th birthday week part 1

 Hi all,

so it's been a while since I last posted something .

So where to begin , well I think even though it is a bad experience I had it needs to be mentioned,so hopefully others will be bit more careful and will stop anyone new from stopping doing kink all together .

On saturday 4th of jan this year I went for  a kink meet / tourist trip to Pilsen in the west of the Czech Republic . I had been talking with a guy online via gayromeo (enduro72), I arrived around 10:30 he picked me up from the station we had a coffee and a quick tourist trip around the certain sites which was awesome. Next we stopped randomly on a dirt road in the countryside where we got out I was then put into a blacked out Russian gasmask and put into his boot, now we had not talked about any style of kidnapp play so at this point I started to freak out a little bit . After about I would say 10 minutes of driving I was made to get out and pushed and kind of dragged into some sort of shed I found out later. The guy had said about bc before our meet and I said I could was very light as only learning, seems he forgot this. Tied me to a beam and handcuffs on too tight so where automatically digging into my right wrist , added hose to gas mask and started bc pushing me beyond my limit . We had agreed a traffic light system on play amber for stop this it carry n playingand red  for stopping
Totally , he went past limit for me so said Amber still held on and I said red again carried on , so I said "Fucking stop" as
My body was writhing around screaming for air, finally stopped and said "stop complaining" . So tought this might have just been once got it wrong, soon foud out it wasn't . While trying to calm I was able to take a full in and out breath then just a in breath an he started again. Now i feel that is someone who doesn't take care of a sub and is a bad Dom, I do Dom sometimes to me that is dangerous as it's with Bc (breath control) , so again same routine me shouting screaming as again past my limit , finally let's go then says am I a man or a kid, my response in my head was a man and you are a retarded Dom who after this basically won't getting any attention from anyone. So again I get a small in out and in breath and he does it a third time. At this he point we stop doing that and he removes the cuffs but twists my right arm into a angle that applies a serious amount of pressure on it an my wrist which is already in pain due to pressure from the cuffs. After being de handcuffed was taken into his house then put into my wetsuit and harness , handcuffed
Lighter this time (thank Christ) , left on his bed for 3 hours teased and not allowed to come , also my harness was
Put on me. After a hole he came to lift
Me off and just used the front d ring on my front to lift me shortly snapping it off. When I heard
This I decided session totally over now , we want to a DIY place to get parts to repair which we did then I said I have to go. While driving he said I think you need a less hard Dom I meekly replied yes , more
Like he needed learn to be a better Dom.

So that's part one done with next part
To and my travels back to my country of both England :3

Friday, 4 October 2013

Folsom Berlin 2013

So time to post about what was a real good time but with some major underlying issues not on the good side. 

Thursday night :-
So after getting the bus to Masters cottage we decided to have a few few beers and early-ish night , was great just two of us talking for some time . Not much else happened Thursday lol .

Friday :- 
So woke up around 8am we got showered and had breakfast and at around 12 pup Elik my Masters other sub turned up so we could head off to Berlin :D . So finally arriving at the hotel at 17:30 dumped bags and went to see tskin and smse , was great seeing them both again , decided that they should come meet my Master along with pup Igy also from Prague . Got into the room did intros but my master seemed totally disinterested which made things awakwarx and also got me annoyed, so quick goodbyes for the night till maybe later for all and me and master also elik time to see the stores , we only managed  Mr.B then had drinks then a meal I did say I wanted to go a event earlier and agreed , but somehow my Master as usual changes plans at the 11th hour , so midnight in bed and this pup very angry , Elik fooled around with me helped a little but still upset as I took my tag of saying owned by him and intentionally knocked it on the floor , he picked it up and I dropped it on the floor again still angry . Decided just to sleep it off .

Saturday :-
following morning me and elik woke so time to tie hood and okay with him, master woke up decided to take over and I went off to smoke went said hello to tskin and his lad smse :) , great having none Czech chat, after a while needed good went back to find elik and master already had food (again annoyed me) so said I want coffe and food and they wanted to go the other stores before the street fair so off we went, I grabbed coffee and croissant and said let's move in but they decided was time to sit down again (another time to piss Odin off again)  so sat with them annoyed , finally 20 mins later we got to gear looked around and bumped into Igy again, we came back quick so to rest before. Wet to see tyke,smse and also pup link, who was now in a pack as a omega with me and my wonderful bf Squirt pup . Great to see him again , chatted did usual then realised time as they all got geared up. Got everyone in my room geared up . 1pm we strolled out geared and ready to go. 

Street fair:- 
So arrived automatically "we" decided to stop for a beer , annoyed at first bit was happy to by end of it. Bumped first into bolt pup , great pup and nice to meet him, next was rubtopsteve , Swiss guy I met at Prague pride but this time with a sub and pup ;-), 
Within a minute after that I met a great pup I knew online for a while Sony pup -Mr.rubber France 2013 , in his grey wet hood pup hood and military gear with his Dom/bf quick wag/woof & hello and photo op with pup pride flag :3 . Then started to drink and bumped into slave Jimmy and his Master (later had dinner with in Prague ) great couple and also another awesome pup Whiskey :D , was great seeing him I met him last year at Folsom , managed to speak with his master this year really great Dom . Next we went around the fair and directed them to regulation tent said hello to the guys seeing how they all were , after a long walk around was left to wonder on my own :3 , bumped into Dagger which was awesome gave him a big hug as bit seen him since London , then caught up with Onega link , tyke and smse. we all looked bit knackered link more than us , met links bf and again really nice fella , after quick chat brought link along with me to meet my Master and elik , had a few pics of me and link together and elik , also Master seemed more interested this time , link left to meet his bf , I went with Master and I was being elik's handler for a bit , stopped after bumping Ito boot brush pup and his Master then tones of random young German girls wanted pics of me and elik so obliged as you do. Tyke and smse offered for me to come gummi night at lab on the east side so agreed with my Master I could go , had dinner with them, quickly stopped in RoB for purple socks :3 ( I'm the purple pup remember) , then off I went to laboratory and well all I can say is my mind was blown with how big and laid out it was, bumped into Trikoot again and a long conversation with him and pup lazer and his bf bound rubber boy from recon while catching some air , finally called it quits at gone 3am , got back to hotel 4am elik decide time to play much to my chagrin, so after a hour he gave up , 

Home time :- 
So 10am with little sleep woke up packed said byes and hugs to tyke and smse , packed the car and we left around 11:15 , Master was kind and drive straight to Prague. got I Prague had dinner with both and hugs and waved by.

90% of my time was great , wonderful seeing people again and meeting some new people including trikoots pup friend very cute and huggable I know ;-P .
I did feel bad as my alpha/ bf could not be with me , also the constant struggle with my Master with thugs beig changed after agreeing to other things and it has made me think a lot since then if I consider used to be his pup . We have had many communication issues and also mental issues he has not understood over the last 8 months.Folsom made me question  it even more and think why should I be his pup if things keep going like this .Anyway I bore you with this bit ,

Thanks for reading 

Odin :3 wruff wags and licks

Thursday, 5 September 2013

A weekend a Mohawk biker pup :3

So time for another post , been a while .
   So last weekend I met I guy I have been speaking to for about 8/9 months . First we met last week Monday for beers then agreed to meet for weekend .so arrived Friday a little nervous , we had a couple of beers to calm me then it started. First I was sleep sacked onto a old Russian stretcher , next had my rad shaved into a Mohawk while mouth and eyes taped over , next chastity came on . He decided the. To add a double hooded neoprene hood only last a while as my head was to big lol , left then blindfolded and gagged for two hours . After a whole was released then put into a leather waist cot and leather chaps and rubber boots  for the night to sleep in.

So after wakin up was out into some baggy leather trousers and wetsuit top and leather jacket, I was tied hands behind back hooded and gagged while breakfast was made . Once made was untied , mitts on and like a pup made to eat from a bowl . After clean up we went to his other place with basically a ton of more gear outside of Prague , around 50km outside , we went via a motorbike my first time ever :3. So after short travel got their so a ton of gear around nearly drooled and we did some pics in a old abandoned brick producing factory , which wi be his new place after reconstruction . We decided to come back have food and a few beers then hit a piss party at one of the clubs here. Once at it we lasted one beer as it was awful mainly just naked guys in a harness that's it not letting us in until they saw me , but by that point we were annoyed so left.

Back at his while in my wetsuit made to bath in it lol , washed myself then we went to sleep .

Next day late start but was put in rain overalls for bike leathers , boots and breath control hood. Was then tied to a bondage board for a while and teased with a massager made to shoot once which was great as hang since Monday  before , left their for 2 hours then made to shoot Again ;3 , eventually let off and into biker leathers and pup hood for awhile , it's taken noticed time I had tog phone and Skype , suddenly I was locked into the biker leathers and told to go home in them , he left a key in my bag  to unlock it all luckily 

So good weekend and maybe visiting again