Thursday, 5 September 2013

A weekend a Mohawk biker pup :3

So time for another post , been a while .
   So last weekend I met I guy I have been speaking to for about 8/9 months . First we met last week Monday for beers then agreed to meet for weekend .so arrived Friday a little nervous , we had a couple of beers to calm me then it started. First I was sleep sacked onto a old Russian stretcher , next had my rad shaved into a Mohawk while mouth and eyes taped over , next chastity came on . He decided the. To add a double hooded neoprene hood only last a while as my head was to big lol , left then blindfolded and gagged for two hours . After a whole was released then put into a leather waist cot and leather chaps and rubber boots  for the night to sleep in.

So after wakin up was out into some baggy leather trousers and wetsuit top and leather jacket, I was tied hands behind back hooded and gagged while breakfast was made . Once made was untied , mitts on and like a pup made to eat from a bowl . After clean up we went to his other place with basically a ton of more gear outside of Prague , around 50km outside , we went via a motorbike my first time ever :3. So after short travel got their so a ton of gear around nearly drooled and we did some pics in a old abandoned brick producing factory , which wi be his new place after reconstruction . We decided to come back have food and a few beers then hit a piss party at one of the clubs here. Once at it we lasted one beer as it was awful mainly just naked guys in a harness that's it not letting us in until they saw me , but by that point we were annoyed so left.

Back at his while in my wetsuit made to bath in it lol , washed myself then we went to sleep .

Next day late start but was put in rain overalls for bike leathers , boots and breath control hood. Was then tied to a bondage board for a while and teased with a massager made to shoot once which was great as hang since Monday  before , left their for 2 hours then made to shoot Again ;3 , eventually let off and into biker leathers and pup hood for awhile , it's taken noticed time I had tog phone and Skype , suddenly I was locked into the biker leathers and told to go home in them , he left a key in my bag  to unlock it all luckily 

So good weekend and maybe visiting again 

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