Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Friday fetish week -part 2

So Friday had to be one of the best days , started the pack stoping at Starbucks for coffee and food before heading onto regulation , great store and peeps inside, picked up my regulation tshirt and some polish for my gear . Next stop was expectations and picking up another pup being welcomed as a extended pack member . So we found him inside expectations so did more shopping, got some vivshine and a latex wrist wallet luckily I rememberd my discount card unlike the rest lol, quick lunch in Leicester square and got me my football teams shirt. Then back to the hotel to get ready for the main event I was looking forward too for me that is ,so in full gear under clothes except my hood and we arrived at fetish bound . What can I say was amazing a experience , shame got no play but meeting so many people ad making one person nearly jump when I said it was me was awesome, also same person made me feel happy about my tumblr posts was nice to hear it verbally then by message , so many pups around everyone awesome in their own way. Must mention a certain pup that came in his fir suit which was brave with how hot it was at Fb ,so after a while the pack moved to nexus but with a interesting trip , two of us in pup gear including hoods riding the underground and that , got a few remarks all good and how are you not sweating buckets in it (I was).so we ended up at nexus automatically finding some of the Manchester pups I speak too and again amazing guys. Now only downside the party itself for me tbh if wanted basically a dark room party I can get that In Prague , so was lame for me. Ok and that's part 2 , part 3 later

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