Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My 30th birthday week part 1

 Hi all,

so it's been a while since I last posted something .

So where to begin , well I think even though it is a bad experience I had it needs to be mentioned,so hopefully others will be bit more careful and will stop anyone new from stopping doing kink all together .

On saturday 4th of jan this year I went for  a kink meet / tourist trip to Pilsen in the west of the Czech Republic . I had been talking with a guy online via gayromeo (enduro72), I arrived around 10:30 he picked me up from the station we had a coffee and a quick tourist trip around the certain sites which was awesome. Next we stopped randomly on a dirt road in the countryside where we got out I was then put into a blacked out Russian gasmask and put into his boot, now we had not talked about any style of kidnapp play so at this point I started to freak out a little bit . After about I would say 10 minutes of driving I was made to get out and pushed and kind of dragged into some sort of shed I found out later. The guy had said about bc before our meet and I said I could was very light as only learning, seems he forgot this. Tied me to a beam and handcuffs on too tight so where automatically digging into my right wrist , added hose to gas mask and started bc pushing me beyond my limit . We had agreed a traffic light system on play amber for stop this it carry n playingand red  for stopping
Totally , he went past limit for me so said Amber still held on and I said red again carried on , so I said "Fucking stop" as
My body was writhing around screaming for air, finally stopped and said "stop complaining" . So tought this might have just been once got it wrong, soon foud out it wasn't . While trying to calm I was able to take a full in and out breath then just a in breath an he started again. Now i feel that is someone who doesn't take care of a sub and is a bad Dom, I do Dom sometimes to me that is dangerous as it's with Bc (breath control) , so again same routine me shouting screaming as again past my limit , finally let's go then says am I a man or a kid, my response in my head was a man and you are a retarded Dom who after this basically won't getting any attention from anyone. So again I get a small in out and in breath and he does it a third time. At this he point we stop doing that and he removes the cuffs but twists my right arm into a angle that applies a serious amount of pressure on it an my wrist which is already in pain due to pressure from the cuffs. After being de handcuffed was taken into his house then put into my wetsuit and harness , handcuffed
Lighter this time (thank Christ) , left on his bed for 3 hours teased and not allowed to come , also my harness was
Put on me. After a hole he came to lift
Me off and just used the front d ring on my front to lift me shortly snapping it off. When I heard
This I decided session totally over now , we want to a DIY place to get parts to repair which we did then I said I have to go. While driving he said I think you need a less hard Dom I meekly replied yes , more
Like he needed learn to be a better Dom.

So that's part one done with next part
To and my travels back to my country of both England :3

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