Sunday, 16 February 2014

February play time 7th of feb till 9th & weekend

So time for another blog post update ,

So last weekend I had @ralf78 from twitter / recon over from uk . We had previously met back at fetish week London at the fetishbound event , but didn't get to play that time. So Friday he arrived we did some tourist stuff as you do and got ready for the night as it was his bday celebrations at a shots party at saints bar local no fetish expat gay bar I might be a regular at ;D . So following day after recovering got me tied with my purple rope and puffy hood with white noise for a bit . Was decided to be teased a lot then swapped into a nice canvas straight jacket and amazing muzzle from RoB it is a awesome one , edged for a good time. We then went out for dinner , after that back home and sleep sack with estim plug , estim 2b and neoprene cocksuckers hood . the neoprene sleep sack  was comfy and we got the estim plug going which was horn but I was edged for a good hour I think and finally allowed to cum , was going to sleep in it but feet to uncomfortable , so we decided sleep . Next day which I will call taking my limits shocking past what I knew I could do. We first got ralf in my straight jacket and I teased and played with him in it ;) . Soon went boring and geeky and went to board game club . After back to mine to try something very horny to me.

Sleep sack , estim plug , massager , blacked out s10 and porn playing through headphones and poppers in s10 filter,we found out poppers make me go on two programs to 100% and 60 on a third in the end edged and came , was a mind blowing exp.

So Monday came and had to say my goodbye to him . He is a great guy if you ever get a chance to play / sub for him :) 

Then came basically a week of boredom till yesterday , it was the local fetish group 3rd anniversary party , first my Sir who I see here came to mine and showed me new things he had got like me yellow braces for my skin gear ;), mew leather hood and sleep sack (pics at the bottom) and some leather chastity shorts ( worn as I am writing this ) , I showed him off my new gear, next a friend pragueboy86 from recon and we headed
To a friends quickly for quick drink and then back to mine to get ready. We then headed off to the party which was great seeing people I knew and also hearing that now the Czech Republic will have this years it's first Mr Leather Czech Republic contest :D,
So hoping soon after they will do a mr rubber as I would love to try and enter . After a while we went to the new local cruise bondage club called factory , I heard up in my new suit and all my other purple bits and pup hood and got my friend in Lycra and pup hood we played for a while but Sir got tired so left for sleep and I was out in the hood and sack to sleep . Again great seeing him as not seen him since Folsom last year

So that's it till maybe end of the month when more kinky fun shall commence ;D


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