Thursday, 23 January 2014

My 30th bday week part 2 - England

So part 2

Before I start this part with regards to previous one if you have read it and are new to fetish and kink please double check with friends to see if they know the person and if they are ok and also tell someone close as in distance you are going .

Ok part 2

So on Friday the 10th of Jan I flew back to the uk for my 30th birthday . After getting from heathrow to London I got to the fetishbound venue and met the fetishbound guys , great seeing them all again and also a good friend @ralf78 , great seeing him again . Shortly the guys had to go set up the venue. While having a pint some of the tskin pack arrived (superpup and boss - tskin) . Also with them was my amazing bf and alpha pupSquirty  pup :D I finally got my paws around him and hugged for ages . After quick intros and smse14 turning up we went into the Fb event ? Through the night after gearing up and looking after my alpha as was his first time, said hello to familiar faves i knew and to new ones from twitter I got locked in a cage ;). Next squirt played with smse for a bit and I put super in my straight jacket and bit his neck to tease him ;)

After a while me and squirt just relaxed cuddles and socialised then suddenly a very good twitter friend @pupgromit and his bf @suds_uk turned up
Was great finally meeting with him after talking on twitter for near 3 years lol.

Soon after night was coming to a close and smse offered us a lift home which was kind as squirt was exhausted :3.

Saturday :- my bday 
Tbh Saturday was a very quiet day for us just spending time in each other's company which was awesome

Sunday :- shopping time :D
So early rise Sunday as had to meet family and then shop . Did family stuff then off shopping we went to regulation , we had a look at a few things and I managed to get some stuff :- poppers, purple handkerchief , rebreather hood and ordered a size l hooded s10 . The last bit has been on my list since I started. Next we went home prepared for the week ahead ;)

More to come in part 3


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