Thursday, 3 July 2014

Woof from Czech Republic

Hi all ,

Seems I have neglected this blog post . I decided to start up again and well lots to catch up on . So where to begin i wonder  ?

March - May 2014
So best place would say month after my last post , but not to far and covering upto end of May. So I shall being during march pretty much nothing kink related happened . April now this was a interesting month had a session with a nice Australian guy who was over , had him tied to chair , in straight jacket ,
My wet hot hood minus snout, sniffing my old trainers he was enjoying it a lot . Great session but more fun that month with a photo shoot for the fetishak website . So we all met at midday , went off to a 1930's disused outdoor swimming pool complex which had a restaurant on the big hilltop , Orignally it was used by the noteriaty between the two world wars. So we all got geared up , photos done had a laugh in the sun , then went to next area for photos. We arrived headed over to strahov stadium and did pics their near the chimney monument and buildings near it. After quick lunch / dinner went to my final shooting pace the train bridge by vytoń tram stop close to vyšherad . Sun out and setting doing pics while trains passed us in the bridge fantastic. So after that came May , and with the the fetishU party at factory . Now I know the fetishU brand are party's done in lower Germany close to us or below Berlin , like :- Munich , Dresden , cologne as examples . This was the second in Prague , it's mainly under 40's which helps some younger guys who might be scared about going to events mingle with people closer to their age. I met couple of friends from Brno I had not seen in a long time . I also met a really young 18 year old Czech who had just came out as gay and kinky so was impressed he was
Accepted and to have a great family for accepting it , we all had fun photos taken and such and we all left the party around 4am. Unlike the rest I went to the normal gay club around the corner in gear but jeans over my legs , waved
To my friends who stood their jaws dropped lol , partied with them till 7am then home . That pretty much sums up most of spring for you , next posts will be a bit more detailed this one was more the gist of what happened.

Woof :3 Odin

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