Thursday, 23 January 2014

My 30th bday wknd part 3

So now comes the final bit ,

So Monday came and we were supposed to have someone over for a play session but cancelled which was a shame so we got place ready for @ralf78 coming over Tuesday , just chilled rest of the day, Tuesday comes along and we go pick ralf up from Romford train station , after a bit of a chat we got down to play time , me and the bf got in biker leathers mitts to match , then told to open a gift with mitts only . What we didn't know was 6 layers and a 7th of duct tape :O . After ages we I got put into a leather puffy hood and canvas straight jacket and teased lots , the bf did try a neoprene hooded gas mask and liked it. Next after a bit we were both in neoprene sleep sacks with me trying electro plug which was interesting and teased . Soon we toyed with squirt but time ran out and had to get ralf back to the station . 
Wednesday came along and @omegapuplink came to stay till Saturday , link became mine and my bf's omega pup back in September and shortly after we added another pup Whiskey (recon) as another omega and we created our own pack. So link arrived Wednesday and we got back and started making chocolate cheese cake and later went for dinner.

So after Wednesday ,Thursday was another play day we got link into his surf suit , master u leather hood and my straight jacket. Then we tied him down to a bed with white noise playing . He was teased over 2 hours , while this happened I got to try squirts grey str full suit and str mitts , was fun and awesome trying (pic added of me in it) 
After a while we let link have a happy ending :p next was alphas turn same happens to him as link, teased him for a hour as well hehe. During that suddenly after I was tied down and teased as well :p

So Friday we decided bit of chilling before we had smse and super to come over but I found the Lycra box :D , so I got a few things to try , then super and smse came over , chatted , played and pics on smse's bike before they had to leave , next the pack geared up fully and we got a few together with our
Little pack husky toys and had chip shop for dinner. 

Saturday :-
Basically my last day and link left that day , sad when he left but had to keep the bf happy as he was down , so we just relaxed and went to bed early. Sunday came and soon left to train station . Me and squirt cried a bit as me goin back to Prague . He hugged ages at the station then I left .

Final thoughts :- 

So would like to say thanks to everyone that I saw during Fb and a few special mentions :- 

Pup Gromit and suds :- great meeting you both and hopefully not the last :)

Ralf78 :- great friend and great Dom to me and squirt very understanding and careful ;-) 

Tskin pack :- great seeing you all again and hopefully seeing you guys again soon

My pack :-

Whiskey thanks for joining us pup , it's great to have you in the pack 

Link great seeing you again and teasing you constantly arooo >:3 

And finally to Alpha and my boyfriend Squirt :- I love you so much thanks being my bf and alpha you are the best xxxx

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